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   Proficiencies, Dr. Patrick Neyman

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Software, Programming, Equipment

Selected Equipment Proficiency:

   Hitachi S-9300 & S-9380 CD Measurement SEMs, Applied Materials SEMVision cX, Opti-Probe Therma-Wave 5341 Optical CD Measurement Tool, Nikon Optistation-7 Microscopic Inspection Tool, KLA Tencor Archer 10 & 10XT Overlay Inspection Tools

   Nikon NSR S306C & S307E Lithography Scanners, ASML AT1200 Twinscan Lithography Scanner, TEL CleanTrack ACT12 & Lithius Lithography Tracks

   Nd:YAG laser systems, Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Pyrometers, Electrometers, Lock-in amplifiers, Ellipsometers, DMA, DTMA, Instron Machines, Vacuum deposition systems, Spin coating systems, ROGER and COBRA manipulators, MIZ-18 and MIZ-24 data acquisition systems

   Optical system design, Photo-diode evaluation system design,
Electronic evaluation system design, CAMAC system design, LAN design


Selected Software, Database, and Programming Language Proficiency:

   JMP 5.1, Minitab 15.1, Discovery Business Objects 5.1.5, ACME Crystal Ball 3.0.29, YAS Klarity, WIINGS 10

   Mathematica 4.0, Origin 5.0, Psi Plot 4.56, Table Curve2D v3, Jasco Spectra Manager 1.5 & Standard Analysis, CS ChemDraw 4.0, CS Chem3D v3.0

   Excel 2003, Word 2003, PowerPoint 2003, FrontPage 2003, Acrobat 6.0, Premier 6.0, CorelDraw 11

   CAMAC, ZETEC SM-10 and SM-20 acquisition and analysis software

   Aries 3.5.2b, MARS ,OASys 2.1,YAS UDB 1.0.2, Access 1.1.0

   C, C++, Visual C++, UNIX, HTML, BASIC

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