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Fields of Expertise include:

  • Execution Acceleration
  • Lean Design
  • Organization and Project Management
  • Organic Nanotechnology
  • Self-Assembly of Multilayer Films
  • Tin Whiskering, RoHS
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Circuit and Battery Protection
  • Lithography
  • Adhesion
  • Nonlinear Optics (photonic / electro-optic materials)
  • Surface and Bulk Morphology of Polymeric Materials
  • Viscoelastic and Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Materials
  • Classical Optics Design and Implementation
  • Tool-Computer Interface Design and Programming
  • Experiment and Laboratory Design
  • Wet-Chemistry
  • Scientific Writing and Presentation
  • Classroom Instruction and Course Preparation

Specific Expertise includes:

  • Project management of multiple simultaneous product development projects, from concept to design to manufacture
  • Championing quality throughout organizations and focus factories
  • JEDEC Tin Whisker mitigation implementation and certification
  • Overseas communication and project management with Shanghai
  • Research and Design of nanometer-scale electro-optic devices, focusing on morphological, optical, and nonlinear optical properties of Ionically Self-Assembled Multilayer (ISAM) films and Covalent-Hybrid ISAM (CHISAM) films with 0.5-10 nanometer structure factor, and film thickness ranging from nanometers to microns and beyond.
  • Consulting for nanometer-thin film design for electro-optic, photovoltaic and LED (light-emitting diode) device design and fabrication for Luna Innovations and VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) research groups.
  • Computer-Controlled Apparatus Design and Fabrication
    Precision Positioning and Alignment Equipment
    Computer-Apparatus Interfacing
    Control System Programming and Design
    Robotics, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Management
    Process Engineering
    Statistical Analysis
  • Cross-Discipline scientific translation and communication of concepts and terminologies.
  • Process Engineer: Poly-Gate Layer Engineer for 193-nm Lithography with sub-45-nanometer gate dimensional control for Intel Pentium dual-core processors and other technologies to be released by 2008.
  • Management in Military, Office and Industrial settings.
  • 30+ refereed publications and presentations.
  • 30+ semester hours Instruction of Undergraduate Physics lectures and laboratories.

Teaching Expertise includes:

   Optics Laboratory, Senior Physics

   Electronics Laboratory, Junior Physics

   Quantum and Solid State Physics, Junior Physics

   Astrophysics, Junior Physics

   Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory, Sophomore Physics

   Mechanics Laboratory, Sophomore Physics

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