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Staff Product Development Engineer, Tyco Electronics (Raychem Circuit Protection), Menlo Park, California (2006-2008)

   Managed simultaneous projects for new products, from concept to design to manufacturing

   Implemented and designed new Product Introduction methods for leadless surface mount devices

   Created and championed a Quality Improvement Initiative throughout the focus factory

   Championed cross-function cooperation within the focus factory, including Shanghai team

   Consulted and Implemented JEDEC Tin Whisker certification for RoHS

   Advising Member of the Automotive Electronics Council, Technical Committee on Tin Whiskers

Senior Process Engineer, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon  (2004-2005)

   Restored semiconductor development efforts by quickly investigating and correcting flawed analysis techniques that brought had down production line for 3 weeks

   Increased production by disproving long-standing assertion that rework causes dimensional control problems and identifying root cause as being communication failures between metrology and lithography

   Maintained dimensional control of sub-40 nm polysilicon transistor gates using alternate phase shift mask (APSM) 193-nm lithography in a 300-mm ramp and development fab using SPC++

   Performed 6-sigma statistical analysis using JMP 5.1 reported to operations manager on daily basis

Researcher, Virginia Tech Physics Dept, Computer Science Dept,
Blacksburg, Virginia

   Increased organic photonic device output 50x and improved research quality 10x by designing, constructing and programming automated measurement and control systems

   Increased research productivity 30x by inventing automated data extraction and analysis methods using MS Excel, Mathematica, and programming in C++

   Developed methodologies to determine internal structure of self-assembled multilayer polymer and hybrid-polymer films with nanometer-scale structure factors

   Streamlined wet-chemistry production methods and designed an in-house laboratory that afforded research expansion, eliminated need for out-sourcing, reduced downtime 10x and increased quality 30x

   Solved self-assembly quality issues by performing failure analysis and risk assessment and implementing solutions that helped lead to a watershed success in organic thin film optoelectric nanotechnology

   Consulted on nanoscale thin film fabrication and analysis of electrooptic and semiconductor devices, including LEDs, photovoltaics, electrochromics and optical waveguides

   Solved complex physics problems in cutting edge nonlinear optic thin film nanotechnology research by applying thin film research findings in other fields and performing 2-D and 3-D mathematical modeling using Mathematica, TableCurve, Psi-Plot and programming in C++

   Developed and authored research and experimental technique manuals

   Designed and webmastered Networked Infrastructure for Education project Physics web site

   Presented research findings via 25 professional publications and 8 refereed presentations

   Taught upper level Physics courses including Optics, Electronics and Solid State Physics

Special Products and Integrated Services, Framatome, Lynchburg, Virginia
Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE): Eddy-Current Testing (ET)  (1990-1993)

   Advanced quickly through certification levels by exhibiting excellence in quality and output

   Quality control and leak control of steam generator tubing for nuclear power plant operation

   Certified ET Level II: American Society for Non-Destructive Testing SNT-TC-1A

   Certified ET Level I: Canadian General Standards Board CAN/CGSB-48.9712

Military:  82nd Airborne Division, U. S. Army, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Squad Leader, Airborne Infantry, 1986-1990

   Increased battalion training resources and time 2x via coordination with external contractors

   Improved efficiency and readiness of battalion tactical operations by devising implementing program to optimize utilization of enlisted support personnel

   Managed, trained and directed work assignments for nine personnel

   Graduated with Honors from the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

Academic Honors:

   Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society of the American Institute of Physics (1999)

   Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (1996)

   Lubna Ijaz Scholarship for Commitment and Service to Physics (1998)

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