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About Patrick Neyman

Dr. Patrick Neyman holds a Ph. D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, as well as an M. S. in Materials Science and Engineering and a B. S. in Physics, with a  Mathematics Minor and a Computer Science concentration. 

Currently, Dr. Neyman works in Silicon Valley as a Staff Product Development Engineer (Eng III) at Raychem Circuit Protection a division of Tyco Electronics.  He develops novel products for circuit protection for devices ranging from Automotive to Battery to Surface Mount (SMT) consumer electronics protection

As part of his role, Dr. Neyman regularly communicates with overseas teams in France and China.  To these ends, Dr. Neyman regularly uses language skills in French and is currently learning Mandarin.


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Prior to that, Dr. Neyman worked as a Senior Process Development Engineer at Intel Corporation, developing lithographic and metrology techniques for the polysilicon gate layer of the then-not-yet-released mobile and desktop dual core processors. 

If organic nanotechnology or organic electro-optic devices spark your interest, then you may be interested in Dr. Neyman's 6 years of research in thin-film organic devices, such as electro-optic phase modulators and switches, photovoltaics, electrochromics, piezo-electrics and LEDs.  please go to the publications page or check out Dr. Neyman's Ph. D. Thesis which gives an comprehensive of the physics, structure and applications of ISAM (ionically self-assembled multilayer) films and CHISAM (covalent hybridized ISAM) films.

For information about the interests and activities of Patrick Neyman, go to Pat Neyman Central.

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